Miss Naath calls for end to child marriage

By: Mandela Nelson Denis

Chudeir Yoannis Maley miss Naath 2019/2020 is using her beauty to end child marriage in the country.

With inspiration to be one of the best accountants,Chudeir believes that every girl child in the country has the right to go to school.

Chudeir said in her observation on the lives of young girls in the country, majority of young girls in the country drop out of school to due to forced marriage.

Starting with educating parents and young girls on the dangers of early child marriage, Chudeir has begun her journey.

After getting the rights to study, Chudeir wanted all girl child in the country to be given the equal rights to achieve their dreams through education.

Chudeir started her campaign urban South Sudanese urban refugees in Kampala.

“I have met so many young girls in Kampala and always tell them to focus on school in order to achieve their dreams in life,” Chudeir said.

Chudeir advised young girls not to be shy but report any child marriage incidents that they get to know in their neighborhood in order to save other innocent girls.

“I always tell the young girls to be strong and feel free to report any child marriage cases they get to know so that we can end this practice in our community,” Chudeir stressed.

Moving to the refugee’s settlement camps such as Kakuma, Rhino and Bidi-Bidi is the next plan of action for Miss Naath.

Chudeir said before she hands over Miss Naath crown to another Queen, she wants to leave a great impact to ending child marriage in the country.

She advised all girls to use their beauty to create positive impact in the society, saying other girls use their beauty for nonproductive purposes.

Chudeir who is currently in Juba plans to visit some primary schools in Juba city to create awareness to end child marriage in the country.

So many beauty pageants have happened in and out the country but Chudeir revealed that a few of them are impacting ion the lives of citizens.

Though based in Kampala, Chudeir hopes to use her social media platform with thousands of friends to positively impact on the lives of the young people.

South Sudan still faces problems of child marriage despite the existence of Child Act due to the negative customs and cultural norms.

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