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Miss Equatoria spread peace in Bussai

Ashia Mary the second running Miss Equatoria in Uganda

By Gaaniko Samson Jerry

The second running Miss Equatoria, Ashia Mary on Sunday made a peace tour to Bussia Town in Koboko District to visit South Sudanese living in the border.

The peace team that visited the border Town included WJ De King, Dr Honey Franco, Jicaka and Sap J.

Ms. Mary said the presence of large number of South Sudanese had made her to visit the area, saying she wanted to encourage them to be united.

“My main motive of visiting the South Sudanese in Bussai is all about peace,” she added.

She said peace was all about living together as a family and it does not matter where you come and which tribe.

“We are here to encourage our people to live together and stay in a peaceful environment. As South Sudanese, we need to share among ourselves and forgive each other,” Ms. Mary said.

She said refugees did not start with South Sudanese saying many nations have gone through similar experience.

“It has happened but you should have hope, when you hope for the best the result will be positive,” she encouraged South Sudanese living at the Uganda’s border of Koboko.

She called on all South Sudanese living in foreign countries to be hopeful that one day peace will come to their country.

“As an individual, you have to be peaceful by sharing peace in your families, schools and among the leaders,” Mary said.

She reiterated that suffering in the camps will end when South Sudanese forgive themselves.

“Copy the example from us who are refugees because we are not fighting among ourselves in the camps,” she urged the South Sudanese living in Uganda’s urban areas to do the same.

She encouraged those living at the boarder to study despite the difficult situation they were going through.

“You need to consider educating the young people and providing safer environment to the education sector,” Mary said.

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