Miss Aweil promises sanitary pads to school girls

By: Bullen Bala Alexander

Miss Aweil in Uganda is set to donate sanitary pads to the secondary school girls in Juba once they resumed classes.  

Adut Akuei Ajou, Miss Aweil 2019-2020 Uganda section said that she was in Juba to follow some of the projects she is determined to implement this year.

She stated that one of those projects was to donate sanitary pads to the secondary school girls in Juba.

“I basically came to Juba because of some projects of which I can do to help the children who are girls,” Ms. Ajou revealed.

She was speaking to the reporters during press briefing in Mauna Classic Hotel yesterday in Juba.

“I am someone who believes in girl child education and to promote girl child education it needs our combined effort in order to achieve it. As a leader you must always do something in community for your work to be remembered,” she said.

Ms. Ajou said that she was waiting for schools to resume in order to channel the offer to the rightful people.

Miss Aweil expected many school going girls to benefit from her donation in Juba City.

She said it was high time that vulnerable girls work hard to achieve their vision since they could sometimes stop classes due to lack of such stuffs.

Ms. Ajou called on the youth in the country to work together in order to promote education across the country, saying that “Through education in South Sudan, people will realize everlasting peace.”

“We as a young youth, we need to promote peace in the country by all means. Our leaders need to understand that the future of this country lies on the youth so it is high time we embrace peace together,” Miss Ajou said

Meanwhile Miss and Mr. Aweil Company manager, Molong King Jake said that the company’s objective was to promote talents of the youth and make change among the young generation of this nation.

He said that to make a change, there was a need for it to start at home, saying that was the reason why their company was trying hard to donate first sanitary pads to the school girls in Juba.

“This world is running a lot of things for people to support expertise and support each other. So we need to do a lot of things like what this company is set to do,” he said

“We have to tell each other that talents are very important in the development of the nation,” Jake the manager said.

He said that there was a need to help some young people who were lacking support in the cause of the studies.

“There are a lot of people out there yearning for such helps since there is no one to help them. So what we are doing is to help them though we will not manage all their needs,” he concluded.

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