Miss and Mister Universities donate masks, sanitizers to street kids

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

Mister and Miss Universities of South Sudan have donated coronavirus prevention kits to the homeless children in Juba yesterday.

The distributed preventive kits include face masks, sanitizers and hand washing soaps for the disadvantaged children.

Speaking during the distribution ceremony on Sunday at Medan Zahara in Konyokonyo, Asunta Akon Jueny, Miss Universities said that the group felt it was time to stand with homeless children despite challenges.

“Around the world, everyone has been asked to stay home but what about the homeless. Where will they stay? So we gave them some masks, sanitizers and hand washing soaps they could use to keep themselves safe,” she said.

In this case, we call on the government to intervene and do something. This would be by getting temporary place for these homeless children meanwhile as the period of coronavirus get finished as we fight this together.

Ms. Jueny asked the government to consider the street children in a fight against the pandemic.

“Can you imagine most of them did not know what the Coronavirus is?

While, they are part of the community, so we are much concerned that they should be cared for,” she said.

According to Jueny, they were donating the kits to show the community the example of what was supposed to be followed.

William Nyuon, Mister Universities said that the donation came from the group’s contributions to the street children.

“It is because we care for their lives. If we get some measures to control ourlsves then we felt that these people were supposed to be sensitized,” he said.

He added that the team was determined to always pay visit to the homeless children every Sundays

Wilma Francis, 1st runner of MMU (Miss and Mister Universities said they were able to sensitize the children on key things to observe in a fight against corona virus.

“We prioritized on awareness for them especially washing hands with soaps; not to touch their eyes, noses and mouths when they have not washed their hands,” he said.

According to Francis, it was time to stand in solidarity with the vulnerable and the less privileged in a fight against the pandemic.

“They did not choose to be on the streets. But this is because they don’t have homes. We came today to tell them possible ways to protect themselves from coronavirus,” she concluded.

James Akot Manyuat, a Management representative of Miss and Mister Universities (MMU) said it was time for awareness creating since everyone was embarking on fighting the novel virus.

“It is a disease that doesn’t leave anyone. And these children are part and parcel of the community. For this reason, we came up with a team to distribute the masks for temporary protection,” he said.

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