Miscarriage on rise in Magwi

By Komakech Thomas Omakoyat

The Malaria outbreak in Magwi County has led to the rise of miscarriages among pregnant women, the Clinical Officer at Diocese of Torit (DoT) Health Care Centre has reported.

The Catholic Health Unit has become the only reliable health service provider in Magwi County after the government owned Health Unit became very irregular.

Mr. Olara James Marino said the influx of sick people to the facility, has made their stock to run out of drugs, “With the outbreak of Malaria in the area, we are not able to treat the disease which is resulting to rampant cases of miscarriage among pregnant women”.

“We have received many cases of miscarriage due to Malaria. This week alone, we have recorded five cases,” Marino said.

He said in most cases they refer the patients to private clinics after giving them drugs prescription.

However, the Clinical Officer disclosed that they only have drugs for emergency as they expect some drugs to be sent from the Catholic Diocese of Torit.

Meanwhile, Achiro Vicky, whose child has been admitted at the DoT Health Unit, said they prefer the Centre for treatment since the government County PHCC has become unreliable due to the inpunctuality of its medical staff.

Achayo Josephine who came from Torit for medical treatment after her child got burn by fire says the DoT Health Centre is giving them better services despite lack of drugs.

“We often buy drugs from the private clinics, but despite all these, the staff at DoT are really doing good work in providing health services to the public, Josephine said.

Malaria can increase the risk of miscarriage in early pregnancy, but treatment with antimalarial drugs appears safe and does not increase miscarriage, according to medical research.


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