Miracles happen

By Ngor Khot Garang

Most of us never knew,  I simply mean those who turned difficult situations into a blessing that they would really make it in life but the efforts they exerted paved the way for the life that they were aiming at and there is no doubt miracles truly happen when we really work hard in life.

When we see the world around us, many things cries out calling us by our names because they have been paid less attention or nobody wants to put them in the right place.

What I simply mean here is that we spend most of our life envying and admiring others or the work that they do when we can really do it the same way or another.

This is far from inferiority complex because we tends to search somewhere else for what is beneath our feet and when we can’t find it we begin to blame ourselves or that we are not worthy  enough to have what other people have.

I want you to get something clear here; you can make it in life as long as you are determined to do so no matter what kind of society or family you come from, nothing will ever deter you from beating the drum of victory in your life when your only focus is to see the other beautiful side of life that you have been struggling to see.

You might have struggled alone or you are still in the process all alone with nobody standing behind you.  And still I want to let you know that one day you will raise your hand up and say i made it alone with one arm while I used the other one for wiping my own tears.

You don’t have to be discouraged when things are not working well on your side, it was not by accident that you are here on earth, a lot of you have survived wars, diseases, financial setbacks, hunger and rejection, you might have seen your friends, or a family member murdered or just died an untimely death but you are still living, breathing and always struggling to keep your head up among the millions.

I tell and I will still find that voice to say that you are the lucky one, you know what I mean? Okay, the lucky one is the living.  The one who is still struggling alone even when nobody is helping him/her, he/she is the one who constantly pursues his studies even when the world is telling him that he is too old or he is mentally retarded.

Go and stand before the mirror today and think of anybody other than you that can replace you,  I think you are the best version of yourself and no amount of punch in the face will ever send you to your grave,  life  punches and the pain is relieved by the flood of tears that follows.

If you don’t get a punch, you are not going to see a miracle or possibly the life that you have been dreaming.  The more challenges and countless blows, the stronger you get.

Just take a couple of minutes one single night before you retire to bed and ask yourself where the bed and the mattress you lay on came from and when you can’t find the answer or before contemplating for where to get tomorrow’s bread, think of the money that has left almost the whole world mad, the little paper that has sent thousands to their grave and almost a hundred thousand families ripped apart.

They emanated from men who are no better than you and when I say men I mean women together. Don’t just look at yourself or your present situation and conclude that your life will never change, if that is your school of thought, then you are wrong because you matter a lot in life, you are not promised anything in life.


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