The standoff between the Minister of Health and her undersecretary is showing an ugly face and lack coordinated information in a government institution. The vice president in charge of service cluster is the overall boss of the two among others and would have sincerely given directive as it may be. This did not mean that the undersecretary could go ahead to implement the directive without bringing the case before her minister. Surely two wrongs do not make a right and here indeed there was shortfall in communication unless there was a purpose of out-doing one another. If so then there is a big problem in the two dockets. The minister is the policy holder and custodian while the undersecretary is the implementer. She can only implement what has been collectively agreed on by the two dockets not otherwise. It is shameful to bring such disagreement in the public institution outside the box for everybody to witness. The directive to reshape the administration in the leading referral hospital in the country came after series of management concern with strikes and go-slow taking the centre stage. Hospital is not a place to joke with as it carries the life of the sick. Juba Teaching Hospital (JTH) is not just hospital but a referral that should be managed well within the required sincerity. While it is the prerogative of the top to make changes it should be done with respect and within the line of duty without bringing to foe what was not necessary or what would not be of value to the hospital administration. Since Elizabeth Achuei Ayol and Dr. Anib Majur, Minister and undersecretary respectively are working for the interests of the public, they should be able to harmonize the directive by Vice President Hussein Abdelbagi for the interests of the hospital management and the sick in general.

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