The move by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to clarify the position of the 34 South Sudanese refugees languishing in Sudan jail is what the country had been waiting for. It is important for the citizens to get the right information on what the government was doing to arrest the situation. Indeed deputy Minister Deng Dau Deng revealed that there could be more that the number being floated, some with different and minor offence but could not come out when released due to family hitches. The position of those being held for killing or murder still remain volatile because of the logistical factors which must be addressed first by the sisterly countries. Matters of laws are often taken up with a lot of care because each country has a different set of laws and how to apply them. What is more important is the government’s commitment to follow the issue of any of its citizen faced with such problems like the one in Sudan. The matter need to be handled with a lot of care considering the existing bilateral relationship. Thorough investigations and proper judiciary channels ought to be applied so that the truth came out clearly while the matter at hand was being sorted out to its conclusion.  That a team from the Ministry of Justice have just jetted back to Juba from Khartoum over the issue of South Sudanese in jail is encouraging and should be given a chance to brief Juba on what really transpired in Khartoum to avoid speculation from unauthorized sources. This is how it could be possible to save the lives of those already facing the hangman’s noose. More still people must avoid unfounded speculations that could injure others and stick to the truth and the findings of the investigations of who and how many citizens of this country are actually in Sudan jails and for what offences.

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