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Ministry of Justice under humanitarian law training

By Wek Atak Kacjang

The Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs in cooperation with the Max Planck Foundation with financial support from the European Union, launched a project to support technical legal capacities.

In a press statement accessed by Juba Monitor yesterday, the Max Planck Foundation for international peace and rule of law would support the technical legal capacities of staff of the Ministry of Justice through the provision of comparative legal expertise on the rule of law.

“Under this project, Max Planck foundation provides technical assistance to the ministry through capacity building trainings and the provision of comparative legal research and drafting assistance,” the statement read in part.

This three day workshop that commenced yesterday is expected to hold a total of six high level seminars in Juba with selected staff of the Ministry of Justice from within and outside the city.

According to the statement, the aim of these seminars is “to enhance the capacities of the staff members in identified fields of domestic and international law.”

The Max Planck Foundation, an independent not-for-profit institution has been active in South Sudan before and after its secession from Sudan. Their projects are a continuation of the research projects of the Global Knowledge Transfer working group of the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law.

The Foundation also provides technical legal assistance to governments including Afghanistan, Jordan, Mali, Somalia, Sri Lanka and Ukraine.

The researchers at the Foundation have varied areas of interest, including the role of international and constitutional law in progression of peace in post-war societies, strained relationships between States, religious and traditional forms of law, the legal framework for economic links between developed and developing regions, and the influence of foreign actors on legal transition in developing nations.


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