Ministry of Justice denies job to person with disability

By: Sheila Ponnie
The Organisation for Persons with Disability has allegedly accused the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs for excluding Mr. Mauot Louis Alier because of his disability condition.
This came up on a petition written by the Organisation to the Ministry of Justice and constitutional Affairs.
Zakia Musia, Secretary for Persons with Disability explained that the ministry had advertised for a position of Assistant Legal Counsellor early this year, however, Lawyer Mauot Louis Alier who had applied for the position was short listed for interview on the second and eighth of September this year. She said during the interview process, Mauot was the 9th person who won the interview in the list of applicants of which the Ministry selected 41 and excluded Mauot because of his disability.
“Therefore, we as the organisation of persons with disabilities reject such negative attitude in the strongest terms possible and this act is inhuman and unacceptable,” Musia told Juba Monitor.
However, Musia expressed how disappointed persons with disabilities are over the decision taken by the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs which has violated the rights of persons with disability.
She emphasised that such incidents may create a negative precedent in the field of employment for persons with disabilities.
“Particularly given the fact that the ministry provides legal advice to all levels of Government,” Musia emphasised
The organisation has appealed to the Ministry of Justice to reverse the decision and ensure inclusive and equal right to employment without discrimination which would be in agreement with the United Nations Convention on rights of persons with disabilities.

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