Ministry of Health must Outline ColeraPreventive Measures now

Ministry of Health must be prepared to face the reality of fighting the dreaded cholera outbreak in the country. There are more than 20 cases of death as a result of the outbreak in Kapoeta State. The spread to other areas is real and the Government through both the State and National dockets must work hand in hand to contain the situation. This situation is coming up when Ebola is threatening to cross the border from DRC and thirst is joining the killings of over 300 people in a span of less than a week in parts of the country. In Upper Nile and in Fasoda more than 300 cases of hunger death and thirst have been recorded up to yesterday. What the Ministry of Health should be doing is to create alert and inform the public of what is expected of them. The Ministry should not keep quite at the mercy of the country and must come out clearly to ensure safety to all citizens in health service delivery. They owe it to the country that is undergoing so many trials at this time in time. We cannot afford another disaster while hunger is being fought in all fronts to the benefit of the entire society. Dr. Riak Gai Kok, why should your office remain silent on this issue? I hope we are not chancing and waiting for the presidency to give you orders or direction to attend to the cholera outbreak and others. The leadership is already having a full hand of national issues which needs his daily attention. This is why those appointed in key positions in public service must live to their expectations. This is why the Ministry of Health and its personnel must live to the expectation of the public not for their own interests.

Editorial 15th May 20017

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