Ministry of Health launches awareness campaign on coronavirus

By Martha David

The Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Women Organization for Sustainable Awareness has started an awareness Campaign on Coronavirus (COVID 19) prevention.

The campaign targets the markets and parks to raise awareness on how people can stay safe from the deadly coronavirus.

Mary Denis, the head of awareness in the Ministry of Health said it was important for the community to be aware of the facts about the virus rather than depending on rumors.

She said that the awareness was done to make sure every citizen has the right information on Coronavirus.

“We want our community to be aware that there is no single case in the country, we just want our community to get the information from reliable source like the Ministry of Information,” she added.

“Not all people have TV and Radio to listen, that’s why we are using other channels so that those who do not have access to Radio and TV can hear these messages.”

For her part, the Chairperson for Women Organization for Sustainable Awareness, Suzy Antony said that, doing the campaign was for people to protect themselves even though there was no any confirmed case yet.

“We are doing awareness to show the prevention measures of the virus and to tell the citizens which way they can contact the disease and how to prevent themselves,” she said.

Suzy added that luck of funds was hindering them from covering all the areas in Juba and states.

She explains that people in Juba are not aware of what is happening, and mostly need consciousness for the people to understand so they can listen and implement.

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