Ministry of Health confirms 93 new Covid-19 cases

By Okan Thomas Onyango

The Ministry of Health has reported that ninety-three (93) more people have been confirmed positive within the last seven days.

Speaking to the media yesterday, Dr. Angelo Guop Thon, the Director of Emergency Preparedness Response at the Minister of Health, said that ninety-three new cases of Covid -19 have been confirmed out of two thousand six hundred and eight (2,608) tests performed as of 10th to 16 January 2021. 

“The infectivity rate is very high, as of last week alone, the Public Health laboratory tested a total of 2,608 and ninety three (93) were positive. This brings the total number of cases confirmed in the country to 3, 742. Out of this, we have 3,505 recoveries, and the total number of death is 63,” Dr. Laku said.

In addition, Dr.Laku said that out of the 93 new confirmed cases, 9 were imported from outside the country. However, the majority of the confirmed cases last week are from Central Equatoria state with 82 confirmed cases, Eastern Equatoria with 9cases and two cases confirmed in Abyei Administrative Area.

“The tests that we have done in last week, Central Equatoria have recorded 82 new cases followed by Eastern Equatoria State with 9 confirmed cases, 2 in Abyei Administrative Area and the rest of the states and Administrative Areas recorded zero number of confirmed cases,” Dr. Laku said.

However, Dr. Laku said that the Covid-19 Task force had   issued some guidelines that needed to be followed throughout. He stated that the public Health Laboratory, from the beginning of the pandemic up to date performed 82, 080 tests, total number of 50 samples pending testing in the last 24 hours and the cumulative number of contacts followed is at 9,968.

Globally as of last week, the number of confirmed Covid -19 cases increased from 90 Million to 94 Million cases while the mortality rate increased to 2 Million from 1.9 Million deaths.

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