Ministry never received USD three million

By Elia Joseph Loful

The Minister of Higher Education says his office has not received the USD 3 million approved by High Level Taskforce on Coronavirus to support South Sudanese students studying in countries affected by the pandemic.

The money was approved by the High Level Taskforce on Coronavirus as a response to rescue the South Sudanese students studying in the countries affected by the virus.

There are currently over 7,000 South Sudanese students studying in ten countries.

Denay Jock Chagor says while there was already false information circulated on social media about the availability of the money, the funds was not in the treasury of the ministry.

“The mix messages that has gone to the social media is that the public is saying that 3 million dollars has been availed to the Ministry of Higher Education; that information is not true, that money has not come; yes, it has been approved by the leadership but is yet to come to the Ministry of Higher Education,” Minister Jock confirmed to media yesterday.

“We are following up with the High Level Taskforce and hope that soon something will be available where our students will get the financial assistance. So we urge our citizens to understand that the government is responding to the needs that are coming up due to the coronavirus,” he said.

Last year, some students under government scholarship in Zimbabwe were denied their transcripts and certificates after the government failed to pay their tuitions.

He asked for calm as the ministry was still following up with the Ministry of Finance to avail the amount on time.

“We are working day and night on the matter and I believe this money is going to be availed, we have no doubt on that one. This is an emergency, however, we apologize on that issue,” he stated.

Last week the Minister wrote a letter to Ethiopian Government requesting them to retain South Sudanese students in their universities until the coronavirus reduces. This was after Ethiopian government announced all foreign students to vacate the country due to the spread of the virus.

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