Ministry launches legal awareness program

By Wek Atak Kacjang

The Directorate of Training and Research in Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs has launched legal awareness program on the system aimed at sensitizing Eritrean nationals residing in the country.

Speaking to the media yesterday, Senior Legal Counsel and Deputy Director for Training and Research,Serfino Simon Mizan said that system was a procedures or process for interpreting and enforcing the law.

“There are about hundreds of Legal systems in the world, despite all this great variety.It’s important to begin by emphasizing the division between religion and Legal systems. The groups of Legal Systems could be categorized ascommon law, civil, religion and customary systems,” Director Mizan said.

He said the Common Law System was adopted by United Kingdom (U.K) and Civil law system or continental legal law system, adopted by European countries among them, Germany, France and Italy. The Essenes of common law system in terms of court hearing process is known as adversarial system. Where the parties are involved actively in the hearing.

Mizan added that in the light of the article of the Transitional constitution of the Republic of South Sudan, is that the Legal system adopted by the country was a mix legal law system, composed of common law, and a party of continental legal system, and the own usages as a customary law system.

“It is worth mentioning that South Sudan inherited this legal system from Sudan since the two countries were one up to the independenceon 9 July 201 l,”he stressed.

He revealed that Judiciary powers was derived from the people, and exercised by the courts in accordance to the customs values, norms, aspiration of the people, and conformity with the constitution.

At the same time, Eritrean Ambassador YohanessTeklemicael said that the younger generation were not aware about the historical relationship between Eritrea and South Sudan.

“We should transfer this historicalrelationship between the two sisterly countries. Eritrean who are living in South Sudan are facing a lot of challenges in conflict with the law system of the country,” Ambassador said.

At the same time, Eritrean Community Chairman Eng. Amare Ghebreab said that Eritrean citizens were facing a lot of challenges especially those who were driving water tankers.

“The issue of renewing license twice a year is a major threat by traffic police personal but we don’t know whether it is lawful in the country or illegal. Also issue of finger print is too much by Criminal Department,”Ghebreab complained.

Eritreans who were driving water tankers in the country hadbeen blamed several times for causing frequent accident in the streets of Juba city.

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