Ministry denies responsibility for unpaid teachers’ dues

By James Atem Kuir

The undersecretary in the Ministry of General education, Dr. Kuyok Abol Kuyok has distanced himself from the responsibility of delay and school teachers’ incentives in Jonglei State.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Dr. Kuyok said the responsibility of giving out incentives to schools lies with the states Ministries not the national Ministry.

“Education in South Sudan is decentralized, this Ministry (Ministry of General Education) is only responsible for setting standards and other things such as teachers training and setting textbooks… it is the responsibility of the states to address issues that go wrong there. They do their budget and submit it to local state structures i.e. state assembly and cabinet, and the state transfers are done through the Ministry of Finance,” Dr. Kuyok explained.

 He confirmed that his Ministry had discharged and paid incentives for secondary schools teachers in all states including Jonglei State earlier this year in March.

“For secondary school teachers and kindergarten school teachers, this Ministry is responsible for their incentives and we have been paying that. Secondary schools teachers were last paid in March this year,” he added.

Dr. Kuyok also confirmed that he had received reports from Jonglei State Ministry of Education confirming the payment of secondary school teachers’ incentives for the month of March this year.

“We get reports saying that they had received (incentives) and Jonglei has been one of the most efficient in proving the accountability,” he affirmed.

However, he said the only teachers in public schools are they eligible to receive the incentives which meant to keep teachers by complement their salaries.

For his part the Director General in the state Ministry of education in Jonglei, Abel Manyuon said his Ministry had not received any incentives from national government since the beginning of this year.

“We have not received any money since from the national government this year. We are waiting for the budget for this year,” Manyuon.

He dismissed the claimed by teachers as baseless insisting that no money has been given out this to any state.

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