Ministry denies claims on coronavirus testing charges

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The Public Health Laboratory has denied the claims circulating that charges have been introduced to test for coronavirus status.

Earlier this week, some citizens complained that they were being charged 50 dollars as foreigners go for 100 dollars to know their coronavirus status.

But in response on Tuesday, Dr. Angelo Thon Goup, the Acting Director at Public Health Emergency Operations Center, also the Chief of Operations for COVID-19 at the Ministry of Health termed the claim a “lie”

“That is not true; the government has not introduced any fee officially for testing, so up to now, our testing is free of charge. There is no money being paid at all,” he explained.

The health official added that if there were some dealers charging the screening process, then they were not part and parcel of the Ministry of Health.

He reiterated that the coronavirus testing point in Juba is free and no one was obliged to pay anything in the meantime.

Dr. Goup asked the public to make those who were doing that accountability if they might have been paid any cash.

“If there are people doing it then that are not the Ministry of Health, maybe different people but up to now, the Ministry of Health has not charged anybody,” he reiterated.

Travelers who normally wish to travel had recently complained of slow process at the Public Health Laboratory when testing for coronavirus.

According to them, the results could delay until the get expired in the system after the expected traveling dates.

But as of this week, they have also accused some individuals of collecting money from the travelers at the screening points.

However, the Ministry of Health clarified that there were no charges introduced until now.

“No, that’s a rumor and it is not true, we are not charging anybody. Our test is free, we don’t have such, it is not true,” he said.

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