Ministry alarmed over fake coronavirus certificates

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The Ministry of Health is alarmed over coronavirus fake certificates issuing believed to have always been done by unknown group of people at the Airport. 

In the past few days, some locals at Juba International Airport have been seen giving out fake certificates to the travelers to ease their travel.

A spot check by Juba Monitor indicates that they were selling fake coronavirus certificates at 30,000 SSP.

Dr. Bior K. Bior, the Acting Director General at the Public Health Laboratory revealed during the weekly briefing that illegal coronavirus certificates issuing was rampant.

“It is always good to be very straightforward with the public about the issues that touch them, the issue of fake certificates has actually become very rampant unfortunately,” he said.

Dr. Bior said that such moves by the citizens were betraying the Country’s effort to improving the health sector. 

“It is beginning to affect us as a Country and I want the public to really understand the consequences of this,” he stated.

“Somebody bought a certificate here and went to Egypt, so the person was re-tested at the Airport in Egypt and found positive. So now the Egypt is reluctance to take anybody who is going from South Sudan, so this is the implication,” Dr. Bior narrated.

He revealed that such attempt would continue to affect the Country since other countries might not be contented with the Country’s test results, adding that “The life is going to be lost if such things continue.”

“It is a serious matter, and we may be closed in as South Sudan by other Countries if these continue, we will be rejected because of what we are doing, please don’t buy any certificate,” he advised.

Dr. Bior added that “If somebody is willing to pay for fake certificate then you are just as a criminal as the person selling it to you.”

Dr. Thuou Loi, the Official Spokesperson of the Ministry of Health said it was very unfortunate that citizens were bending the rules.

“Let me put that it is a betrayal for the country,  if you are involved in giving out fake certificates that are not authentic, then it is an act of undermining health issues,” Dr. Loi said.

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