Ministries want more 22 billion

Ministries and spending agencies are asking for an additional 22 billion South Sudanese Pounds to be added on top of the 46 billion proposed by the Ministry of Finance for the 2017/2018 financial year.
This was revealed in a report of the Specialized Committee of Finance and Economics in the parliament, when the Chairperson, Dr. David Nailo Mayo presented the findings of the Committee yesterday.
Some of the Ministries and spending agencies that are demanding more money are; the Ministry of Finance and Planning, with over 780 million, Anti-Corruption Commission 20 million, East Africa Community over 15 million, Petroleum and Gas, 0ver 6 million, Investment Authority 33 million, Information and Postal Services, over 327 million, Ministry of Mining, with 87 million, Trade and Industry, with over 55 million, Urban Water Corporation, 6 million, South Sudan Water Urban Corporation 79 million, Ministry of Higher Education, 1,100 million, General Education, 66 million, HIV/AIDs Commission 114 million, Drugs and Food Control Authority 158 thousand, the Ministry of transport 1,578 million, and the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries 140 million.
Mary Nawel, one of the members of Parliament argued that some of the ministries do not deserve extra money because they are not performing, citing the Ministry of Electricity and Dams as an example.
“We don’t see power while we are allocating budget for it every year, there is no need to give you more money when there is no accountability for it,” she said.
MP Nawel said thousands of youth are roaming the streets unemployed, urging the government to create budget for the youth to give them employment opportunities.
“The Budget has come at a very difficult time when we are struggling. We need to cooperate in order to achieve our proposal for the budget and move forward,” Nawel added.
Dr. Benjamin Malek Alier said if all the requests for additional funds are accepted, he does not know where the government will get the money from since there is already an economic difficulty in the country. “We have to consider how much we are generating and spend what we produce,” he said.
Bashir Gbandi, the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs said the budget was prepared in a difficult situation, and that both arms of government should cooperate.

By Rose Keji Benjamin

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