Ministers condemn book on hate speech

By Baraka John

The Western Equatoria State council of ministers have condemned the recent declaration of book title known as “Community Patriotic Front.”

Yesterday, the State council of Ministers said that the document undermined the leadership of the State and encouraged tribalism among the diverse tribes in Western Equatoria State.

On 25th September last month, Community Patriotic Front was circulated on social media platforms urging Zande community  to stand strong to restore Zande kingdoms to facilitate effective security vigilance, information sharing, future resource mobilization and centralized command within each kingdom.

Speaking to media yesterday, the State Minister for Information and Communication WilliamAdreanoBaikisaid the Council condemned the declaration of Community Patriotic Front as an act of undermining the credibility of the state authority in providing security to its people.

“The recent declaration of the Community Patriotic Front in Tambura, during our deliberation intensively, the council of ministers came up with about four resolutions. One, the council condemned the declaration that was written by a group of people,” he said.

He added that the council of Ministers urged all politicians from Zande community to condemn the Community Patriotic Front which actually generalized all the Azande.

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