Minister warned to be careful investors “dangling carrots”

By Tereza JeremiahChuei

The Minister of Petroleum who has been acting in the Mining docket Puot Kang Chol yesterday advised the new minister of Mining Martin Gama Abushato be careful not to be trap when dealing with investors in mining industry.

Speaking during the welcoming of the new minister, Puot Kang told Gama Abusha to be vigilant when signing contract with investors before going to the ground.

“Sometimes these investors would come to you and tell you many things ‘these are technical work’ but later fail to go to the ground to do the work,in case you come across such kind of investors be careful,” Kang said.

He also told Gama not to succumb to any pressure from the investors that might trick him and further advised him to tell the community leaders who except bribe from the companies to follow the law.

“Sometimes the investor whose licenses are revoked will go to the ground and give money to all the community leaders to write recommendation to the ministry suggesting they need the company to be the one working with them. In case such happened tell the community leaders to tell those companies to follow the law,” Kang added.

 Gama Abucha vowed to address challenges facing the mining industry.

On his part, AnduEzbon the undersecretary at the ministry said one of the challenges them was lack of enough bicycles to transport the staff for work

“We in the ministry have a lot of challenges, but I will mention only few, one of them is lack bicycles while the second thing is having small office space while the rent is so high” he said.

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