Minister promises to reform wildlife sector

By Atimaku Joan

The Minister of Wildlife Conservation and Tourism Rizik Zakariah Hassan on Wednesday called on the government to reform the wildlife sector in the country.

Minister Zachariah made the call yesterday during a national workshop organized by the same Ministry under the theme: “Towards implementation of the Reformation for Sustainable Wildlife Conservation and Productive Tourism Industry.”

Speaking at the workshop, he said that there was need to protect the wildlife and to develop wildlife infrastructure in the country.

“We have to look at the difficulties that we are having in the ministry and the two sectors”, said the minister.

He also said that there was need to complete the process of vision and frame work of wild life conservation which was started in 2015 but could not be finished till date due to some reasons.

There has been poor management of the wildlife because of the difficulties the country was going through as there is massive population of fire arms which are used by poachers to kill the wild animals and this poaching is reducing the number of wild life.

The habitants  of this animal  have also been destroyed massively inform of tree cutting.

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