Minister of Information launches federal system

By: Anna Nimiriano

The Minister of Information, Michael Makuei Lueth yesterday launched Media Campaign on Federalism in South Sudan. It was part of outreach components of Working Group for Federalism (WGF), in the Ministry of Federal Affairs in collaboration with the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA). The event was organized to complement the technical meetings that have been conducted on the subject.

The launch was aim to effectively disseminate information and create awareness on Federalism in the country. During panel discussions, it was said that the Ministry of Federal Affairs should make sure that it provides materials for media and people of South Sudan to read and understand the meaning of Federalism.

Since it was the demand of people of South Sudan discussed during the time of National Dialogue of Greater Upper Nile, Greater Bahr El Ghazal and Greater Equatoria Regions last year. Nobody can prevent what the people of South Sudan see better for them in the country.  Federalism is to give powers to people and share resources in the states.

Journalists were advised to report correct information in a professional manner to the people of South Sudan on Federalism. They need to be trained on Federal system and provide information that benefit people of South Sudan.  It was also discussed that mechanism for Federal system should be made clear so that when people talk about Federalism; they know what types of Federalism they are talking about. We should take the system that is applicable to us in the country as there are many types of Federalism in the world. 

Thus, if we are applying the system, we need not to fight or bring differences among us. The system is giving powers and responsibility to people in the level of their respective areas. If we are discussing Federal system we should not mixed them with the current government system. Federal system provides equal delivery of services to the people. The resources in the states should be shared, there would be a percentage that goes to the National government and the other remains in the states for development.

What people need in this system is guidance to allow them work in professional ways.  The definition of Federalism should be made clear for people to understand. To avoid misunderstanding between centralized and decentralized systems of governance. The Federal system SPLM-IO presented in 2014 was one of them, which has been part of the launching by the government. On the other hand people should know the advantages and disadvantages of this system.

Therefore, we need to send people to the states to enlighten the grassroots people about the system. So that they understand it as it is their right to know.

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