Minister of Health opens Fistula Camp in Aweil

By Mandela Nelson Denis

The Minister of Health, Dr. Riak Gai Kok led a team of health experts and awareness creators to Aweil to open up a Fistula Camp at Aweil main Hospital.

The Fistula Camp is led by Surgeon, Dr. Said Ahmad, a UNFPA Obstetric Fistula Consultant, who told Juba Monitor yesterday that they will be based in Aweil for three weeks and hope to operate 40 women who are affected by Fistula.

“We shall be in Aweil for three weeks and expect all those (women) affected by Fistula to come and be operated upon, we shall also create awareness about fistula and educate the masses on what can be done to control it,” Ahmad said.

Ahmad further explained that once the health facilities in the country are improved, Fistula can be fought and eradicated, suggesting that cases of early Child Marriage must be controlled as it is greatly contributing to the increase in Fistula cases.

The Surgeon said that it is very possible to eradicate fistula only if the Hospitals are improved.

Meanwhile, Agum Isaac Daniel, the Acting Director of Safe Motherhood in the Directorate of Reproduction Health said that the Ministry is working hard to create awareness about Fistula infection.

“We are creating awareness about Fistula by talking to the women, having inspirational women like Ajah Kiir, the former Miss World also to talk to them,” Agum told Juba Monitor.

She revealed that in April 2017, 40 women affected by Fistula had successful operation, urging that follow-up on them shows that they are now doing well.

However, Ajah Kiir, the Former Miss World, whose project was to Fight Fistula when crowned in 2015, said that men should respect under-aged girls.

“Most of these girls affected by fistula are underaged, I appeal to the men to respect the girls below 18 and marry those above the age of 18,” Ajah Kiir said.

She added that parents should stop marrying off their daughters when they are still young.


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