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Minister confirms sporadic shooting in Rumbek

By Opio Jackson

Western Lakes state Minister of Information Bol Machok said there was a sporadic shooting in Suk Hai Marat in Rumbek town on Tuesday night.

Speaking to Juba Monitor in an interview, Machok said the shooting lasted for some hours as the police were trying to arrest some armed criminals at night, “It was the police men who were dealing with some gangs who always hang around in the market with the intention to loot people’s shops.”

However, Machok did not confirm how many criminals were arrested, but said often the suspects were handled by the security forces once they were arrested. He added that it was the obligation of the police to maintain security in the town.

According to one of the residents and a shop keeper in Rumbek town who did not want to be named, the night shooting was very rampant in the area adding there were unknown groups of armed youth who always hang around in the market with an aim to carry out revenge attack.

He said before the recent night shooting in Rumbek town, one person was killed and the other wounded in a passenger vehicle which was travelling from Wulu to Rumbek in an area commonly known as PDU-Project Development Unit.

He added that a similar incident took place close to the police station in Cum-cok and University Eastern Campus where two people were killed during the night which he said seems to be a revenge attack.

The trader said this targeted killing by the unknown armed youth in Rumbek town had disrupted usual business operation as most shops are often closed by 4 O’clock pm.

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