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Minister calls for unity of purpose among national NGOs

Hussein Mar Nyuot, Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management (file photo):

By Viola Matela

The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management has urged National NGOs to come together in a unity of purpose, be principled and avoid back biting each other.

Speaking at the first ever South Sudan National Resilience Conference yesterday, Minister Hussein Mar Nyuot urged the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to work together to rebuild the country.

“Now that you have gathered together, tomorrow you will need to work together for the welfare of our people since the war has destroyed our previous ways of coping before the war broke out,” he said.

He added that with the help of NGOs, people can hope to return back to their previous lives if trained through peace building right from the family level.

The minister cited civic education as one of the best ways of learning how to tolerate one another.

He strongly rebuked the habit in the past where National NGOs came up as personal businesses for dishonest individuals that were used to satisfy their own selfish ambitions as opposed to serving the community.

He further commended those who worked under the principle of transparency and accountability.

Ms. Suzan Pasquale, the Executive Director of the Women Advancement Organisation in her opening remarks demonstrated why NGOs needed to work together in strengthening the current resilience programming in South Sudan.

“As the conflict in South Sudan entered its fifth year in 2018, the humanitarian crisis continued to expand for the country’s people and their outlook on the future. The compounding effects of widespread violence and sustained economic decline further undermines their capacity to face threats to their safety, livelihood and health so we came together to forge a way forward,” Ms Pasquale explained.

She said that the aim of starting such an initiative was “to enhance communities’ capacities for long term resilience and strengthen their resilience to threats of disaster through innovative resilience programming.”

The conference will be seeking support of donors, partnerships with UN Agencies and other INGOs to build resilience among the locals in the core areas of peace building, food security, health, nutrition, education, WASH, protection and environmental conservation.

Arguing that International NGOs and the UN will not always be in the country since they will one day exit to go and help other communities affected by war, she emphasized the need to partner and learn from them while it is still possible.

“In the event of exit of UN Agencies, NNGOs will be well prepared to sustain the long term impact of the projects. We have to start preparing for sustainability instead of focusing only on emergencies,” Ms Pasquale said.

SSNRC is a joint National NGO initiative spearheaded by ten NGOs. The organizers of the conference called for papers to be presented at the official launch of the South Sudan National Resilience Conference (SSNRC) scheduled for 28 to 30 August this year.

These are; Youth Technology Development Organization (YTDO), Smile Again Africa Development Organisation (SAADO), Support for Peace, Education and Development Program (SPEDP), Afro Canadian Evangelical Mission (ACEM), TITI Foundation, Women Advancement Organization(WAO), Junior Chamber International (JCI), Grassroots Relief and Development Agency (GREDA), Alliance for Community Health Initiative (ACHI), and Organization for Relief and Development (OPRD).

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