Minister Bakosoro calls for grassroots respect

By Bullen Bala Alexander

The National Minister of Labor and Public Service Joseph Bangasi Bakosoro is calling on the country’s leaders to respect the grassroots people saying they are the most vulnerable who are hit most by the conflict.

Bakosoro said it was high time for the leaders of the country to be close and give full respect to the grassroots people by listening to their voices.

He was addressing the delegates of the National Conference at Freedom Hall in Juba. 

“What is important is the communities at the grassroots, let us listen to them, these common people, they are citizens of this nation and they should not be looked at as ignorant, they are not ignorant but it is because they have no choice but to suffer,” he said.

According to Bakosoro, the National Dialogue has opened the ways for the communities at the grassroots who were the common people to have their voices heard adding that what they are saying should be considered and respected.

He said it was the first time since independence that all South Sudanese communities have gathered together to air out their grievances and find the solutions.

“Let us respect the grassroots, let us be close to the grassroots people and let us forgive each other because South Sudan is big to accommodate all of us.”

He further noted that everywhere in the world, brothers and sisters can fight and quarrel but at the end of the day they are all brothers and sisters. “Forgiving one another is very important and it is the spirit of building a nation and it was the spirit that all South Sudanese should have per now,” he added.

He continued emphasizing on the importance of National Dialogue to the South Sudanese saying it was the only way for the country to have durable and inclusive peace in place. 

Bakosoro reiterated his full support to the National Dialogue citing that the conference would bring people together for the common understanding.

“I was the first person to disagree with National Dialogue, but after understanding the contents and ideas of it, I found it to be real, I think all of us must accept and respect it,” Minister Bakosoro revealed. 

“When you don’t understand the contents of whatever is happening you will disagree but after understanding the content, it is necessary for South Sudanese to come together,” he added.

According to him it is important for the people to accept that things have gone wrong and people made mistakes, “we have to accept those mistakes but we must reconcile, we must forgive and cement our relationship.”

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