Mindset of men on women alarming in S. Sudan -UN Women


By Kidega Livingstone

The UN Women has said that the traditional mindset of men towards women empowerment remains a challenge following the survey conducted by UN Women from 2013 to 2017.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, UN Women Deputy Country Representative Mr. Lansana Wonea said that women are being disturbed by their husbands after realizing that they were earning income from their small businesses.

He emphasized that a lot was needed to sensitize men on how the women should be empowered in order to improve standards of living within families.

“The mindset of men especially in the traditional way of life still remains a problem in the region. Some of the men don’t allow their women to have money in their hands,” said Lansana during the meeting that brought government officials, women working in None-governmental Organization.

He said that UN Women was committed to implementing the program of empowering women and training them through capacity building.

“We are committed in the implementation that is why we had the meeting in order to validate the finding for the program from the year 2013-14 whether it is relevant or has been effective on how well we do it,” he said.

He said currently UN Women involved women in peace process. “We want them to participate fully in the peace process because women are the peace makers,” said Lansana.

Meanwhile Country Representative UN Women Panmi Balogun said since they started implementing the program to support women in the country, the conflict has interrupted their operation and they were not able to support women countrywide.

“We need them to benefit from this program with the conflict all kept to hold. Gender issue is reducing, we have been getting women and men in sensitization and creating more awareness,” said Balogun.

She said they have prevented Gender Based Violence as well as giving the assets and new skills to support women.

She said police officers were also sensitized to intervene in the human rights related issues.

UN Women identified 36 survivors in all women and currently supported and trained them on self-defense.







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