MILLIONS-Razed in custom market fire

By Yiep Joseph

Over 100 Millions Sudanese Pounds wealth are reportedly lost in Custom Market due to fire outbreak on Monday evening..

Authorities estimated and confirmed yesterday that fire outbreak which razed 62permanent shops and 108 makeshifts left traders counting losses amounting to millions which they said could amount to more than 100 M SSP.

In an interview with Juba Monitor, Juma Martin ChairpersonChamber of Commerce in Custom Market revealed that there was no loss of lives but many shops well stocked with goods worthywere completely razed to ashes. 

“There is no human loss but all the goods were razed to ashes; about 62 shops got burned and 108 makeshifts (Rakuba) nothing was salvaged from the shops after the fire. ”Martin Said.

“You know this is  Christmas season and many traders have already imported different types of goods and commodities in preparation but now the goods got burned,the loss incurred is upto SSP 100 million or even more” he revealed.

He said that the fire outbreak occurred in the evening hours when most of the shops were closed and that he was informed by the phone concerning the incident.

“After I almost reached home at 5:45 PM I received a phone call and l was told that Custom market had caught fire. So, I returned back and on arrival l found many people in misery while the fire had spread to the extent that it could not be extinguished. We tried to  call fire fighters but unfortunately they arrived late after an hour,” he explained.

“Yesterday morning( Monday) we were okay until evening, of course, I had instructed the security team who were protecting the market to allow traders to close at 5:30 PM due to the raise in burglary at Custom market and at 5:45 PM the market will be under the responsibility of security team and nobody could be allowed to enter again,” he narrated.

Martin said that the cause of the fire wasnot yet clear but suspected to be from one of the shops.

“ He said whenhe arrived he was informed that there was a burning smell inside a certain shop and that was where the fire could have started but up to now we were not able to find the shop owner, we are not sure what he had left in his shop that prompted the fire to flare up,”

He called on the government to support and compensate those affected by the fire outbreak.

“I would like to call on the government to see a way to stretch out a helping hand and compensate those who were affected,” he appealed.

MeanwhilePeter lame Amando one of the eye witnesses said that the cause of the fire was perfumes that got burnt in one of the shops due to too much heat.

“The thing just started from the shop where they sell perfumes, my understanding because of the sun heat.

Mariam Chaban one of the shop owners called on the government to quickly interevent and help.

“I have a shop here with the sewing machine all the clothes I sewed for Christmas got burnt ” Mariam.

“Please government stand with us and help us in this suffering, help us please we struggle such that we help our children and now it is gone just one day like that” she appealed.

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