Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Everyone knows and understands the danger of spreading rumours or peddling false information. It causes untold suffering to the subjects, their kith and kin and leaves a permanent damage that takes long to solve. The big question is why is it that some people sit and think just to create lies about others. What force drives them to do this? It is on record that not one or two that President Salva Kiir Mayardit has time and again warned rumourmongers’ and created rumour-dens to stop their activities because they are a danger to the civilized society. The other day some media outlets were awash with reports of a senior government Minister having been barred to board a plane at the Juba International Airport (JIA) because he was COVID-19 positive. This time Peter Mayen Majongdit became the victim of the rumour-den. I am not here to defend Majongdit whom l know personally, but to elaborate the danger of unconfirmed information which is not healthy for a growing society. Anybody including you can be sick of coronavirus. There are a number of top government officers who have come out to declare the negative status public. They have recovered after following the preventive measures required by the laws. Unless one is wishing the other bad, it is not proper to take to ourselves to self-determine the health status of the other person while we are not qualified to do so. These kind of uncouth behaviours reminded me of one of the situations, when HIV/AID came into being anybody who looked slim was automatically labeled a victim of the dreaded disease. Idle minds are very dangerous and should be made to be positively busy. For Majongdit, his associates and the airport authorities have come out to clear his case. It is for grown-up thinking and mind to make informed decision instead of coming up with injurious statements. Who stands to benefit with lies that are manufactured in the rumour-dens and even if that was the case, he is not the only one who may have been infected. So what is so special about his case? We live in a world where we shall be judged according to our doings. The doings could be positive or negative. But it is ungodly to spread wrong information against one another just to catch some attention or please someone somewhere. Let us turn our attention to positive thinking and positive approach to matters of national importance. Like today we can take our time to wish the National Team, Bright Stars success during the match between them and the Kenya’s Harambee Stars which is going to take place in Nairobi’s Kasarani Stadium. The boys have come this far and need to go higher and higher. One should ask what contribution one has made to ensure collective responsibilities in the matters of national and international concern. It is the best way to audit oneself.

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