By Akol Arop Akol

I put pen down here to express out my words with mixed feelings. I am a South Sudanese son. You are there my brother, sister, mother, father, Aunty and Uncle.

I feel blessed to have been created and born on this great land. By writing here I know I am talking to someone outside there. It is with heart of a true citizen of South Sudan.

Whether you are within or abroad, I just wish you get a chance to read my message. Every dawn comes here and the sun sets knowing that God did not forget this land and His people.

Our ancestors too did not abandon us the suffering generation because we have struggled and many died while others remained as wounded in the name of our country.

The veterans, wounded heroes, heroines, widows and the orphans have physically and emotionally got pain during all the years of fighting. They then hope that someday they would be free and happy in peace.

But life has never been easy as imagined. My people have been suffering since Sudan civil wars and internal conflicts after the independence within the country and in other foreign countries people are not fully living in peace.

They only continue facing insecurity, diseases, hunger, poor education and harassment. I ask myself where they belong. They are South Sudanese but what is wrong for them to be unsettled in indigenous land?

The places they spread to have become insecure again. Some are being arrested for things termed as crimes. But I wonder why people who run away from problems find problems ahead.

Refugees occupying some foreign land are asked for immigration and settlement documents while other groups are being ethnically and sexually abused. This is a lesson to be learned here.

Do we maintain our culture when we interact with the rest of the world? Why should the same people who fled the country in the name of peace and good life again behave so rude, impatient, and immoral without self-control?

South Sudanese are people who have gone through embarrassment and instability.  Many left for bordering countries as refugees, but challenges have followed them or they have created themselves.

As South Sudanese, why do we quarrel and fight, why do we show bad manners in the eyes of the world?

If there are kind hearted people to pitifully help us out from our situation, why are we again bragging and committing crimes around the world? Those countries got their laws guarding their people.

Being in a foreign land cannot completely let your rights be violated and you too should not commit crimes that lead to persecution. Remember that your country is coming back to roots of peace, love and progress.

All then truces that have been signed by political leaders and civil society representatives have brought a ray of rising hope. In order to remain free and just, maledictions that destroy peace have to be avoided in order not to discourage or make people hopeless and violent again.

Wrong conceptions and interpretations are sources of confusions. This manner of telling sententious information by some individuals to gain interest brings misunderstanding and ends in violence.

We have seen the havoc of the wars fought, do we still need more ruin of lives and properties, for people to be IDPs and refugees?


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