Message for peace, unity, love, respect, and forgiveness to one another

By:  Paramount Chief Simon Soro Kenyi

Dear brothers and sisters, sons and daughters of the democratic Republic of South Sudan under the supervision of the Holy Spirit. Please let us all stand up to wipe out all accumulated mistakes that were caused by some individuals. Please let us know that peace, unity, love, forgiveness, and respect to one other are not simply bought with money, not something that can be locked in boxed or in a cupboard or in a bank account. They are all a free gift from God to all mankind on earth. Please let some people not be like knife cutting and dividing to be more, yet without benefit, let us all be like a needle and mend things together.

Please let some people not like cats and rats, they live without peace, no love to one another, no forgiveness, and no reconciliation at all. So, let every one of our 64 tribes be careful in what they want to do  otherwise they will run the danger of what they do not know but trying to do till everything get finished in the wrong way without benefit. So brothers let us know that, the ruin of the tribes, family, and the nation begins in the homes of its people. So let us also know that, the faithful person brings good words, good idea, and good plan out from his/her heart and brain. So let us avoid worrying about problems, because worrying is a source of difficulty and problems.

Dear brothers and sisters let us take example from trees. I think we all know a tree never bends for you to climb but climbing a tree must start at the ground level.

Therefore brothers and sisters, let us not continue signing for peace while carrying hatred in our hearts. Please, let us not make our nation to be like disabled person who has one leg, if he does not walk with care then the only one leg will break and that will be the end of that man. We do not want this to happen in our rich beautiful green country surveyed by God for us to live in as one family.

In conclusion, I humbly say to all the people of our 64 tribes that, let everyone talk to one another using spiritual words for forgiveness. Please put in mind that no more return to suffering for an unknown period. Yes, yes for peace and unity.

Simon Soro is also the Chairman of Jubek State Council of Chiefs. He can be reached on 0928167081.

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