Members of Parliament should stay awake

By Malek Arol Dhieu (Guest)

Odongo Odoyo

Since the Honorable Speaker of the Parliament left the country for parliamentary development overseas, Members of Parliament have been dormant while it is high time for them to deliberate on this and that to make sure things improve during this trying moment when hopes of the citizens get shallow day in, day out. When the head of the institution leaves for another country, he/she does not leave together with plans to work on as an institution, therefore Hon. Jema Nunu Kumba did not take with her the motions to raise and discuss in the parliament for its own betterment and that of the country as a whole. There are a lot more to be deliberated on by the parliamentarians as the country heads to elections although the main opposition party is playing a subtractive role not to be a part and parcel of the elections scheduled for 2023. If it is this thunder of salaries, then it has struck all the civil servants except those whose hands are too long to reach the salaries before they arrive at where they are kept. Parliamentarians, though suffering the same way other civil servants are suffering, should take into their accounts that they are what the citizens rely on for their progress, thus their muteness means death to the citizens. As the whole country, except a fraction of a few individuals, prepares for the elections as a popular demand of the citizens during the National Dialogue, the awakeness of the lawmakers is much needed by the citizens to make sure elections are credible, fair and free without rigging or other forms of violence. This can be achieved by the participation of all the parliamentarians, including those who see documents at a zero distance, to avoid excuses to do with “I didn’t agree before, or I wasn’t given a chance”. Members of Parliament, although they feel suspicious that the elections are disadvantageous to them, should not go quiet during this trying moment of pulling the rope of elections and fixation of other necessities significant for the full implementation of the revitalized peace agreement.

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