Editorial 27th Nov 2018

The National Alliance of Women Lawyers (NAWL) on the International Children’s Day was privileged to make a courtesy call to the august house, the national assembly. They wanted to discuss some issues of national concern with the administration of parliament among them child marriage and auctioning. They were further privileged to meet one of the deputy speakers, Timothy Tut Chol. Who on hearing their concern about the children dismissed the topic as inconsequential and in appropriate at the time since there were other important national concern. It could be true the country had other major issues to be addressed, but the deputy speaker could have given a hearing in full to these women lawyers who are also mothers of the children. He could have given them another opportunity to address the issue since the society cannot grow without bringing up children in a disciplined manner and mentoring them into being responsible for the well-being of the country. Dismissing the children issues as inconsequential was a bit out of reach for the future being of the country. Yes there are cultures which cannot be changed overnight in a society with diverse cultural backgrounds but the well-being of children cannot be compromised if their future is taken into consideration. There is no society which can stand with fathers and mothers alone without involving children. The deputy speaker should consider having another chance and time with these women to hear their concern. It is for the good of the country and all inclusive. It is important to hear every concern which would map forward the way to success of human being in spheres of life. The only way to succeed in nation building is to stand and do it together without ignoring any section. It is the sure way to solving internal and external concern. The Deputy Speaker should consider giving members of the NAWL another chance to address children’s issues.

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