Melut community receives first $3 million oil share

By Yiep Joseph

Melut community in upper Nile state publicly announced to have received three million US dollars as part of their oil share as per the petroleum management Act.

Speaking to the media yesterday, the chairperson of Melut community revealed to have received community share in two installments this year.

He revealed that this year the county committee received two million and later on received one million that brought total to three million United States Dollars.

He added that the community was using this oil money to build county headquarters and three senior schools.

According to the Auditor reports, the oil producing areas of Upper Nile,Unity state and Ruweng Administrative Area have been derived of a sum of $50 millions from 2011 to 2020.

However, the Executive Director for community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) Edmund Yakani acknowledged the level of transparency displayed by government and Melut community leaders.

“As CEPO, we acknowledged this high level of transparency that Stephen Dhieu came out publicly and said that theyhave received three million on behalf of Malut community” Yakani said.

He narrated that the community leader of Malut who was also the former Minister of Finance Stephen Dhieu Dau confirmed that they have received the three million as their share of the oil as per the oil revenue legislation that constituted the committee that represented the state and the community to get the five and two percent.

He supported the community initiative that the money has to be used for community projects such as buildingPayam headquarters, schools and hospitals, a move that certainly benefited the community.

Yakani appreciated the move and said it was the first time for community to receive its share of the oil money.

“It is a positive move since the production of the oil, we have not seen such kind of transparency that we received the share of the community, it is the first time of its kind,” he expressed.

He called on the government to also give shares to the other oil producing communities.

“I would like to rise that this good practice in Melut community continue with the other oil producing states, Transparency demonstrated by Melut community must also be demonstrated by other” he emphasized.

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