It is an honour to hold the Nile Basin States Initiatives meeting in Juba where a number of matters pertaining to countries that are members would be deliberated and solutions brought up. The ten member countries have decided to let this country be on the rotational chair for the next one year. The body was formed as partnership organization to promote equitable utilization of water resources among the countries sharing Nile River. The body is set to carry out series of meetings and researches to resolve the many issues facing the flow of River Nile from the source to the discharging point. The body is made up of South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Sudan, Egypt, DRC Congo and Ethiopia. These countries  should have a common goal of working out formalities which would harmonize the existing hostilities and drum-chase so as to have one goal of equal utilization of the Nile River Waters. They all have stake in the flow and existence of the longest river in the continent which should be used to produce more food and more power for irrigation so that the member countries and the continent is food secured. There have been a lot going on silently with some quarters trying to have total and sole use of the waters not knowing that without the existence of the ten members states, the river’s water may not survive the bullets being directed and or being expected of it. Time has come that the meeting going on in Juba should be used to address any misunderstanding and differences that have marred and created standoff between some member states. Which do not give positive to having Africa solve its own problem within Africa. The meeting should take time and put in place firm foundation which would assist in the current and future management of the Nile River Waters.

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