Meet the Yahude team using music to create awareness on the dangers of bleaching

By: Mandela Nelson Denis

As some artists sing about women and money, Yahude Entertainment, a group of three artists are using their music to stop the vice of bleaching in the country.

Through their song Black queen, the music group is educating South Sudanese women and men and reminding them that black is beautiful and no need to bleach.

Atem Majak Dagoot, a member of the crew said that they are using their music to bring positive changes in the lives of people in the country.

Music spreads like wild fire and Atem considers it as the quickest tool of educating people.

“Our song ‘black queen’ came after we realized that our sisters were abusing the natural skin color that God gave them through bleaching and we believe that through music the message will be delivered”, said Atem.

Listening to the black queen, some of its verses reminds the women and men in the country to appreciate their God-given color and also educate them to appreciate the black color.

South Sudan is blessed with over sixty-four tribes, whose complexion is black and Atem revealed that majority of women across the world want to be like South Sudanese.

“Our black color is admired all over the world, it is our pride, we need to preserve it and maintain, we do not need to alter God’s given black color,” Atem said.

Yahude Entertainment also revealed to Juba Monitor about their new signing known as Yaga Ban, whose Jaganology album of songs like damchin, nyan bhim, akandak and konmadang are keeping the air waves busy.

Songs like zero to hero motivating the youth in the country to believe in themselves are some of the songs that have brought Yahude to the limelight.

2020 has come with new vibes and Yahude Entertainment projects that South Sudanese musicians will do quality music and step up their promotion games.

Setting up recording studio to uplift talents in the country with affordable studio fees are some of the visions of Yahude team.

Back in Kenya, Yahude is a household name since 2018 when they organized Miss South Sudan Kenya which was won by one Akwang.

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