Meet Obeezy, one of the best video producers

Obeezy the musical video director in his office at Techno House

 By Sarah Kiko

Charles Obel also known as Obeezy is one of the best video producers in the country. Obel who is the last born in a family of five was born and raised in South Sudan. Obeezy was brought up by a single parent. He got his primary and secondary school education in South Sudan before pursuing his diploma in engineering at Khartoum University.

When he discovered that he loved taking pictures and videos, he realized he could be one of the best photographers and video directors in the country. He started shooting videos back in 2010 when he was still in high school.

“I did it because I loved what I was doing. Even when I was still in high school I use to take pictures. This was my way of marketing myself,” he added in an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor.

His first video, dubbed AS-ONE, a film project in 2013 was shot in Khartoum.

Due to the success of the first video he was able to get more clients until 2015 when he came back to South Sudan. He admitted that shooting videos in South Sudan is not easy.

“Sometimes finding the right location or venue to shoot a video becomes a major issue. One needs to request for permission from the security department to carry out any activity such as documentary videos. Also some hotel managers do not allow people to shoot videos in their hotels.

Supporting South Sudanese music has been one of his major priorities. Often he shoots videos for those who cannot afford to go abroad to shoot their music video.

He is among the cheapest video producers in the country as he only charges USD 300.

“Outside South Sudan producers charge from USD 1000 and above,” he added.

Some of his general videos include “We are hunger by Old stars, “Ana ma mashi” by Crazy Fox, “whisper of love” by Beaty Toni, “Sawa ta geliba” by Johnny Bee, “Nyan chiloc cha by Jamila and 6 foot.

His biggest achievement is establishing his name and company as a brand name countrywide. Obeezy wants to see himself as a known video director in East Africa and Africa at large.

However there is still room for his business to expand.

“South Sudan has their own video director and people are watching online internationally and national,” said Obel.

Obel pointed out that Culture is one of the biggest challenges in film production citing that many people do not want to see cameras in front of them. He feels that they should be erased.

The harsh economic crisis has also made it tough for musicians. Many musicians cannot raise enough cash to shoot a video while some cannot pay for their videos.

The Country musicians also do things in a hurry, instead of investing time to produce high quality videos.

“They lack patience in themselves and their videos whereby they don’t take their time to wait for the video to be finished editing and making sure it comes out best.

Obeezy travels around East Africa while marketing his video production which led him to light box Africa a company based in Kenya which requested him to work with them in shooting films within Kenya.

He has shot more than 200 videos between 2016-2018.

“Everyone has different talent but it is upon you to know what you love. People should not look at music as the only talent but should discover the hidden talents too. One does not have to do music because somebody somewhere is doing it. That can be their talent but what about you?”

Let all youth work hard. There are many opportunities in life and something that people can live upon.


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