Meet Nyibol, the author of “If I had known”

By Martin Manyiel Wugol

Juba Monitor Kampala Bureau chief Martin Manyiel Wugol caught up with a young South Sudanese female writer Nyibol Ajang Adier.

Ms. Nyibla is the author of a book titled “If I had known”.

Martin Manyiel (MM): It is my pleasure to talk to you Nyibol Ajang (NA), Could you tell the reader about yourself?

NA: First allow me to extend my heartfelt condolence to the family of Juba Monitor after the untimely death of our veteran Journalist Late Alfred Taban.

I am 23 years old, born in 1996 in a place called Magalatorya of South Sudan and right now I am in Kampala for my studies.

MM: What inspired you to become a writer at your age?

NA: I was inspired by many books which I read some times including the African Child which made me love reading and eventually became a writer. Secondly, there was also a South Sudanese girl called Alith Cyer who wrote a book and her writing inspired me and I said I should also do the same because the best way to make all those ideas make sense to people was to put it down in the book for next generation and young girls to read and be able to make their own writing like I did.

MM: Why did you chose “If only I had known” as a title of your book?

NA: The title came about after a certain girl who got problem in her relationship and later on regretted it that was why I gave this title “If only I had known”, but to young girls out there they should not regret or give up in their dream because mistakes do happen but you move on with your life. There is always light at the end of the tunnel.  Therefore, whenever you experience problem never give up but keep trying, God will reward you at the end of the day.

MM: Do you have any other plan to write a second book?

NA: Yes, I am now writing my second book probably, it may be released next month if things go according to the plan. “If only I had known” because I already known the challenges and the ways I can resolve the problem amicably, with the title “Now that I know”. And I encourage people of South Sudan to be peaceful for us young girls to realize our dreams and ambition of making South Sudan known in Africa through power of writing books to tell our rich history to the world.

MM: Do you have any support from your family to encourage you to continue with the writing?

NA: Yes, I got very encouraging support from my family particularly my sister Athok Margaret Longar who offered me her personal computer to write my first edition. I do thank them for their wonderful support and courage they gave me as family. Also not forgetting my own father who gave me his Laptop to use, certainly I thank them for being there for me at all time when need arises.

MM: What were the challenges you face in writing book?

NA: The challenges are many but to mention few they include financial support and the culture of not having strong love for reading books and newspaper.

The other biggest challenge is that the mindset of some people because after I produced the first book many of them thought I had made a lot of money and instead of supporting me to produce more copies they decided to leave me and it became extremely hard to make breakthrough in terms of production of the book.

MM: How do you wish to be in future?

NAA: I already started by journey and I want to be a medical Doctor and help South Sudanese women who are now lucking medical services in the country otherwise by the grace of God I will make it a reality.

MM: What is your message to political leaders regarding Revitalize Peace Agreement as young female writer?

NA: The message to our leaders is to always consider the youth in whatever they do because their decision often affects the youth directly because youth are the majority in our country.

And to the youth of South Sudanese, never give up and always have purpose in life that you intend to achieve in future by not fearing of where to start or when to make independent decision. As a young person, be a role model to yourself by moving forward.

MM: What is your last word to South Sudanese girls outside there who have the talent and ability to write books but have no idea on where to start?

NA: My messages is that be yourself and always follow your dream although cultural beliefs can make it difficult for you, but time has come for us to move forward and break the “Glass Ceiling”.

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