Meet Adit Biong who expresses her feelings through poems

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Adit Biong is among the fast rising young poets who express their feelings through poems.

Adit shares her stories on how poem has helped her send messages of peace, love and hope to thousands in the country and beyond.

Gifted in both classic Arabic and English the Information Technology and Networking expert said that she monitors what happens in the society around her and writes it down in form of poems.

“We poets don’t talk so much, we express and send messages about what is happening where we live through poems, in a way that each and every one will understand for example my poem on “I will always love you,” said Adit.

‘I will always love’ is one romantic slow tone poem that Adit wrote for her loved one and all the lovers in the country.

The poem speaks of how love is kind, never forgetful and forgiving and in the end spreading the message of true love in the country.

Adit believes that true love is lacking in the country and attributes it to the series of problems facing South Sudan.

“it is because we don’t have love, that is why we are fighting each other, we have failed to love one another, let’s put love first always and we shall live in peace and harmony,” Adit.

Adit started reading poems in 2007 and has never looked back on the talent she believes it God’s given.

Currently Adit writes and reads her own poems and is planning to publish a book of short poems for her fans.

Poet is talent just like music, dance, acting and drama and hundreds of South Sudanese have discovered their talents in the art.


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