Medical team provides support to orphanage

By Wek Atak Kacjang

At least sixty- one Confident Children out of Conflict appealed to Chinese medical team to support the center.

Over the weekend, nine batch medical team led by team leader Dr. Ding Zhen visited Confident Children out of Conflict where they donated, toys, football, biscuits, water and milks.

Hellen Murshal Boro, Executive Director of Confident Children out of Conflict (CCC) praised the Nine batch for Chinese medical team for their support towards needy children being sheltered at Confident Children Conflict orphanage.

“Chinese doctors have been our long -time friend toward confident children out of conflict who don’t have mediation but throughout the year in Juba you find a lot of people with fewer and malaria. Chinese doctors are doing a lot of support because mediation is very expensive,”

She added that these children coming from different backgrounds. Some of orphans have no parents because each child come with different conditions,

She revealed that the most important thing is that the team provides protection and also clean drinking water, food, and access to health care services in the center. The center appreciated Chinese medical team for extending free weekly medical services to these indigent children.

 “we have sixty-one kids and currently we registered about forty-nine but some of the kids were not in school and others were in school,”

Meanwhile, China Medical team leader Dr. Ding Zhen said that children’s health needs are also significantly different from those of adults by the nature children grow and develop at rapid rates, placing them at special risk of being affected by illness and injury that was why the health team visited the area to know their need.

“If health problems are not identified and treated, they can affect a child’s cognitive, physical, behavioral, and emotional development. It is therefore essential to identify and treat health conditions early to prevent or minimize the impact on overall growth and development. We are here to provide medical assistance to our people in South Sudan,”

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