Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Today my main intention was to share with my readers and friends across the world the joy which started in me last Friday evening when Juba Monitor was announced the award winner of the best newspaper in the country at a ceremony attended by flocks of who is who in the business circle in the country. My joy which even my boss could not understand, was really overwhelming because l was happy that this far someone had recognized the newspaper’s team effort and came out publicly to tell the world how best in all aspect the newspaper was. It is a feeling we all have and more so when it comes public in the positive world. When the time of receiving the award came and we left our table led by the Editor-in- Chief Anna Nimiriano, myself, our administrator, John Mangar, the family of the late Alfred Taban Logune with his wife Mama Kiden and two daughters Eva and Night, it was all joy for the memory of the iron walk that had brought the newspaper to its present status. No doubt we have done well and this should not be the yard-stick to measure our success but all members of the team who have made it this far must continue doing their bit for the improvement of the newspaper, not forgetting our clients, the readers and advertisers . Competitions make us perfect. As l struggle to this point, my attention was drawn to something else which many would wish to know, considering the number of winners in the hall that night. 88.4 City FM was declared the award winner of all private radio stations, RAK media the best printing company, Trinity Energy and Trinity Technologies awarded winners in their own categories. I was a happy man because in all the firms mentioned we are business partners of mutual understandings and goals. To my colleagues and friends let us not see as if we have reached with winning the award. It is in the public domain and knowledge how many awards our Editor-in-Chief has won this year alone. She has been in the public limelight both locally and internationally. These are all plus not only for Juba Monitor but the whole country. We should strive to make the media industry vibrant and lovable with quality and well-balanced news. The journey to reach this far has not been easy because of a number of shortfalls. Thanks to the government for having realized these shortfalls and came up with the establishment of the Media Authority which has taken full charge of regulating the players in the industry and ensuring all conform to the media acts. This is the road which we must follow to bring up possible peaceful haven to operate in.    

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