Media is vital in promoting peace

By James Ladu Modi Asuk Gwate

Someone outside there may want to know; what is media in the first place? How can we use media correctly in protecting the rights and the interest of others? What are the media ethics that one may need to observe? Is it used to promote peace or war?

Do media help in transforming society into better life? What about issues to do with the development itself? To a layman’s understanding, media is all about our daily life today. It informs and transforms lives of citizens.

It makes the general public aware about today’s real world and tomorrow concerning the past and the present events. It educates and provides accurate information to the public regarding certain news-events taking place in our society where lives entirely depend on media coverage. It is a source of promoting peace and unity, whenever, there is a sign of friction and disagreement with one another across the globe, especially the politicians and in our communities. For example, if the leaders disagree over political difference among themselves, media is the first strong element to inform and carry awareness over the issue.

So, if there is no news for an hour or a day, then the whole nation and her people would definitely go blind, not knowing anything that is happening whether good or bad. It is a documentary room where records of today, including those of the past are kept. Governments, businessmen, civil groups, NGOs, and private companies depend heavily on media to promote their daily activities to ease and quicken their work. Thus media is all about transforming and educating human lives in different forms to achieve justice for betterment of all.

But, how professionals are some of us in using this media-outlet, especially in South Sudan? Are we ethical enough on using this social-media peacefully to promote peace and just society we are always talking about? Or we are on our own motives and tribal agenda? I may conclude that, some of us were not using this social-media correctly to unite all the humankind on this planet; however, some of us have taken side and created hate speech among our people.

Some of us have taken the opportunity in these media houses, Facebook’s, WhatsApp, Twitters, and E-mails to promote unethical behaviors which are creating division among our beloved societies. For instance, some writers have taken a dangerous move of attacking and inciting violence throughout the social media website. Instead of addressing their aggressiveness amicably, if there is any, as media peace-activists, advocates, they have resorted to attacking and promoting incitement against their own colleagues. They are raising much tension in the social-media rather than cooling the situation and uniting the people to move forward.

Some of these writers have also used this social-media as a defensive mechanism to depend their tribesmen, friends, or leaders who are in the government and other stakeholders as well, against the innocent South Sudanese. They have failed to define and identify who they are in their profession. They lack ethics and values of human beings, since they always abuse their colleagues publicly.

The wisdom God has given them is being used for seeking job opportunities instead of saving the lives of people.

The writer is a political analyst reachable via: modijamesladu@yahoo.com

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