Media houses urged to report accurately on federalism

By: Wek Atak Kacjang

Minister of Information, Communication and Postal Services, Michael Makuei Lueth has urged Media houses to pass on correct information to the people. 

Speaking during the launch of the second program panel discussion on federalism media Campaign Tuesday, Makuei assured all the citizens that the government was committed to federalism. 

“Federalism is in all constitutions including the Revitalised Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan [ARCSS] because R-ARCSS is very clear that federalism is the demand of people of South Sudan and the government shall work to transfer some of the resources and powers to the states. When you go to chapter 6:2, it talks about the mechanism for establishment of federalism system,” Makuei said.

He pointed out that the main objective of the Ministry of Federal Affairs was to sensitize people so that they understand what federalism is. There are different types of federalism even now the system we have now is federalism even though we have not declared.

Makuei explained that federalism is system of governance whereby individual states have power over their affairs but controlled by the centre this is what federalism means, it does not mean absolutely independent, Makuei said.

Minister of Federal Affairs, Richard K. Mullah said South Sudan is trying to establish and manage the system of governance through federalism in the republic of South Sudan.

“This mission will be achieved through the establishment in the constitution, provision of federal nature and apprehend legal institutional mechanism,” he said.

Juba Monitor’s Editor in-Chief, Anna Nimiriano, said there was need to educate people on federalism.

“We need to educate media houses, we conduct training and even we can transfer the document to the grassroots people to understand. Now all of us we are here in the city and what about the people of grassroots? How are we going to understand federal system,” Nimiriano said.

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