Odongo Odoyo

Education and continuous learning are believed to power behind positive development activities. It is with this that any opportunity available for further one’s knowledge should not go to waste and must be taken up to enlarge and enhance possible knowledge. Nineteen participants from developing countries are in Beijing, the capital city of China under-going one month’s seminar on Applied Chinese for Press Officials from Developing Countries. South Sudan included and invitation were extended to both public and private media personalities with the aim of learning how China opened up from a closed door and has managed to reach this far.  It is going to be the responsibility of the media houses attending the seminar to articulate possible ways that can move this country to positive development although it will take time. It cannot be left in limbo or for miracle to happen. Media is known worldwide to lead the society by educating, informing and entertaining them. They have a role to ensure peace prevail among the mankind. They can only be to operate effectively in a peaceful environment. This is the more reasons that those attending the Beijing seminar should come back and bring with them positive results that can propel the country towards effective development by telling the world areas of possible investments opportunities.

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