Media Authority to strengthen relationship with media houses

By Nema Juma

Government has encouraged media authority to strengthen its relations with the media houses in the country.

Speaking during the closure of the two-day workshop in Juba, Lily Albino Akol, deputy Minister of Information said rebuilding relationship between the media and media authority was very important.

“I was impressed by all the recommendations and I am glad to see that we acknowledge that freedom of expression is very important but it comes with rights responsibilities,” Ms. Lily said.

Ms. Lily stated that there were always some lines that should not be crossed especially the National Security, confidentiality, and personal rights.

She advised the journalist to always be mindful about all these parts before they start reporting.

She stressed that the role of the media should be based on peace and development given the challenges facing the country.

“Those challenges are coupled with the ongoing conflict. So the responsibility is a connective responsibility. The government and the media and every South Sudanese have a big role to play in peace building,” Ms. Lily said.

She admitted that there are some challenges in regards to freedom of expression, “It will be unfair to say that we are perfect yet we are not, they are across the board but they differ in nature.”

“We are living in a volatile condition now even where we are in the conflict, misunderstanding among the communities. We have big role to play in order for our tribes to build trust among themselves,” Ms. Lily stated.

She added that when you are reporting and you have that in mind it will help us to avoid reporting on inciting the communities or a certain tribe.

She said the ministry was ready to create conducive working relations between the security and the media

“Let’s leave these issues of saying whenever I write the security will arrest me. No, they also understand but write what is right, we want a conducive environment for the media,” she stressed.

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