Media Authority hails editors

BY: Nema Juma

The Managing Director of Media Authority, Elijah Alier Kuai has commended the editors in the print media for minimizing ethnic based speeches and incitements. 

He said this has also reduced on the cases of articles being removed from newspapers by the security agencies.

“Some of the broadcast media has adopted no ethnic hate speech policy in their programming, and listeners are frequently cautioned about the consequences of promoting hate speech during live programs,” Alier said.

“We have to change the narrative of the past reporting associated with misconceptions of misleading and hostile, negative reporting based on confrontation,” he said.

Alier disclosed that about 20 foreign journalists had been denied Accreditation on individual bases for intentionally and deliberately disseminating unfounded information to misinform the world.

He was speaking during a two-day national Media Roadmap training for media and national security service.

Aleir added that since 2017 more than 750 international journalists from 50 countries who are working for 109 international media agencies have been accredited.

The Media Authority hailed national security leadership for understanding the role of media sector, saying all media related cases were being directed to the media authority as stated by Law.

Alier appealed to the stakeholders and the National Security Service to joint hands together to promote responsible media in the country.

He said there was need to support sustainable independent media with emphasis on quality journalism to gain credibility.

“Media Authority remains committed to creating conducive media regulatory environment, promote freedom of expression and media as fundamental human right protected under Article 24 of the South Sudan Transitional Constitution, 2011 as amended,” Elijah said.

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