Media and government are parallel lines touching the same surface. They are like the like poles of a magnet that repel against each other but are both attracted by the metal surface. The common ground here (metal surface) is the public because media and government are both professional institutions which serve public interest and concerns. Globally, media has been in a row with government. Notably the last four years have been a thorn in the flesh of journalism, let alone last year with a lot of real versus fake information, news streaming all over the world. Governments feel somewhat insecure with the presence of journalists and the same spirit was starting to creep within the media. Some media outlets feel somewhat intimidated by the presence of some high authorities; information is sometimes censored for their sake, later foregoing service to the public. But, with these two powerful institutions at loggerheads, the damage is to the public. When elephants fight, the grass suffers. In the maze of all this showmanship and settling of scores, the big picture of feeding the public with real and good information is being lost. It becomes Government versus Media futile battle. Let the innocent citizens not pay a heavy price for poor service delivery simply because the media and government can not sort out their issues. God help us carry out our responsibility well, do our purpose and develop our altogether country.

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