MDI urges trainees to observe “discipline” as classes begin

By Nichola Dominic Mandil

Twenty five students who are starting a nine-month intensive training in journalism under the Media Development Institute (MDI) have been urged to observe “discipline” during learning sessions.

MDI is a training department of the Association for Media Development in South Sudan (AMDISS). The first semester will last for four months: September-December 2017.

Speaking during the official launch of the second batch of MDI at AMDISS premises last Friday,  the Associate Professor of Law at the College of Law at the University of Juba, Mawlana Deng Awur, who is also a member of the Board of Trustees of MDI, spoke about “discipline and regulations.”

Mr. Awur centered his speech on the following; behaviour, attendance, respect and discipline.“Attendance is very important in any learning institution. Attend classes, lectures, tutorial, seminars and examinations.”

“You are also advised on safety—keep yourselves safe when you are in these premises, act safely, move safely,” Mr. Deng added.

He emphasizes that as part of discipline and regulations, the learners ought to ensure that their mobile-phones are put off during lectures. He also urged the students to ensure that they keep the property of the institution, and urged them not to break any property of MDI.

“Cleanliness is of a paramount importance; keep the premises clean, smoking is prohibited inside the MDI premises. You students must also be ‘clean and presentable’, don’t dress like the so-called ‘niggers’, and journalists should write about the lifestyle of the so-called ‘niggers’, Mr. Deng Awur, urged.

The renowned lawyer, further said students who come for classes with vehicle should register them with the administration of MDIso that in eventuality of anything happening to the vehicle, the administration would be aware.

He also said visitors who come to students at MDI during lectures should be known [and the reasons for their visit]. “If there are visitors coming here, we should know whether they are lawful visitors or not, because they should not be a liability to MDI in case anything happened to them here,” Mr. Deng cautioned.

“Consumption of alcohol and drugs are forbidden here. When you are drunk for example, alcohol might irritate force you to come and fight in the class. Fighting is not allowed at MDI. Also weapon is not needed here. No one should come here with weapon, and by weapon I am not only referring to gun, weapon can be a gun, s knife, a stick and others,” Mr. Deng Awur cautioned the students.

He also stressed that if anyone commits an offense, law shall apply. He also reminded students of the importance of law, saying that during the second semester, they will be taught law and ethics.

He urged the practicing journalists to educate the public about the dangers of weapon, stating that since he was born, he has never touched a gun, because he believes it is harmful.

Mr. Awur concluded by saying that the language of instruction during MDI journalism training will be English. He wished the new students success and urged them to work hard and pass.

On his part, the new Principal of MDI, Mr. Moses Hakim Wesleyson, urged the students and trainers to cooperate.

“Keep time. for the journey which  is starting today and you must keep time, because we need a positive competition in MDI.Often we may take you away for seminars or workshop, and we want you to compete equally with your counterparts anywhere,” Mr. Hakim said.

“The spirit and culture of making notes must be at the international standard. Be ready with your pen and papers. Key words can be written, but students must write their own notes as the trainer lectures,” Mr. Hakim added. “Discipline, this must be observed in any society. Where there is no discipline, things would fall apart,” the Principal warned.

This morning classes begin with Module-1: Foundations of Journalism, from09:00am-1:00pm.

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