Mclumoex to drop his collaboration with Ugandan Diva

Mclumoex and Ugandan Diva Anita Da Diva are set to release their first dancehall collaboration titled “Party Gal” on the 1st of June.

The party time song is a multi-linguistic song comprising of Juba Arabic, English and Luganda done by the two singers with the aim of capturing the music industry of both countries.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, Mclumoex the brain-man behind the collaboration said “Party Gal” is a relaxing song which talks about ladies and men who party a lot.

“This is a collaboration that will put you in the weekend mood ready to dance and chill with your friends,” he said. “Music collaboration is good when the two artists understand themselves,” Mclumoex said.

For Anita Da Diva who was in Juba last week, she said music unites people. “Music is unity. Party time was the idea that came to our minds when we went to studio with Mclumoex, and it is basically a party song,” she said.

“It is a club banger, with danceable tunes through this song I have learnt a few Arabic,” Diva said.

The song has been produced by Jehu Sam of Cornerstone music who appreciated the connection between the two artists saying it will promote unity between Uganda and South Sudan artists.

“Music can unite people and through this song we expect both Ugandans and South Sudanese to dance to the tunes as brothers and sisters,” Jehu said.

According to Mclumoex, the party time video will be shot both in Juba and Kampala.

“After releasing the audio, we will arrange for the video shot, which some parts will be done Juba and other in Kampala in order to be enjoyed by both citizens,” Mclumoex said.

By Mandela Nelson Denis

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